Dachterrassen „Palace of the Captains of the Galleys“ Malta

Direktauftrag 2016
Gestaltung des Atriums und der Dachterrassen eines denkmalgeschützten Gebäudes

The old palace with its limestone colour and the monochromatic details acts as a strong frame for the changing atmospheres in it. This allows the gardens and terraces to deliver different qualities according to their location inside the palace and regarding the usage of the space.

01 Atrium – Ornament
As representative lobby for visitors and inhabitants, the atrium provides a colorful, eye-catching setting, acting as the „red carpet“ to the building.

02 Patio – Jungle
Cut off from external influences, the patios in the 4th floor form a quiet island to relax and recover. The rich plantings generate the feeling of being in an exotical oasis.

03 Roof Terraces – Tetris
Picking up the inherent stucture of rectangular voids and platforms, the new diversified topography on the roof terraces supplies different niches for living close to the flats on one hand and rich gardens overlooking the marina on the other hand.

Atrium – Tadition and modernity
The flooring tiles inside the atrium generate a strong contrast towards the limestone walls surrounding it. The abstract pattern serves as an eye-catcher to welcome visitors and
Using the colors of the Order of St. Johns, it also acts as introduction to the history of the building and as a link to its origin.
The old fountain will be either restored or planted.

Patio – Jungle Hideaway
The terrace is thought as an extension of the living space inside. From here one can watch the rich, exotic plantings. Organic shapes, rough materials and the overwhelming rich greenery send one to another world and helps to switch off from everyday life.

Roof Terraces – Tetris living
By continuing the existing structure formed by different cuboids (lifted pools and voids to the patios), a new landscape will be formed.
Varying elevations are grouped to furnishings and planting containers to shape different little open-air rooms. The elevation of planting containers allows to generate a great variety of plantings and also matches the lifted pools inside the setting.
A reduced selection of materials provides a lively and elegant atmosphere accompanied by the colorful planting palette.
The roof terraces are composed of two levels: The upper level, closer to the flats, is meant as an outdoor living space, providing different rooms like in a flat, but under the blue sky.
The lower level is set up as a more garden-like place, a space to sunbath or to show visitors the great view over the marina. Following this, the pavement surface differs from polished to rough and the planting starts being more dense.
Bauherr: Qcoon Real Estate GmbH| Leistungsumfang: LP 1-3, teilw. LP 5 -8, künstlerische Bauleitung